Billing 911 Services

  • Specialist in pre – hospital billing comprising of ground and air
  • Specialist in claims reimbursement and follow – up
  • Research department to speed up claims reimbursement
  • Tried and tested patient contact forms and billing paper work to speed claims reimbursement
  • Customized accounts receivable reports available for a nominal fee to compliment your financial needs
  • Employees routinely attend billing seminars to keep abreast of the lasted billing trends
  • Medical Director, Attorney and Registered Nurse to assist in the appeals process
  • Electronic and paper billing for claims reimbursement
  • Experience in billing air ambulance, critical care transports, emergency and non-emergency ambulance transports
  • Billing 911 has an in-house computer specialist with 24-hour on call technical support
  • Billing 911 assumes the expense for phone calls and mail
  • Toll-free telephone numbers are available to our clients and client’s patients
  • Daily posting of remittances
  • Manage of all insurance applications (i.e.: Medicare and Medicaid)
  • Yearly training and education with fire department personnel on PCR writing
  • Secure FTP server for HIPPA compliant transmission to our facility
  • MVA billing
  • Fire and Rescue Billing
  • Pre-collections/Skip tracing abilities

Billing 911 charges a percentage of monies collected on behalf of our clients

Billing 911 has experience in starting new ALS, BLS, Critical Care Transport, and Air Ambulance companies. We have the ability to produce standing orders that comply with your local jurisdiction. Additionally, we assist companies in devising policy and procedure manuals. Furthermore, we will help your organization procure contracts with various insurance providers. Consulting Services will be charged at an hourly rate. (If you are one of our clients this does not apply)

• Medical Necessity – Air Ambulance
• Medical Necessity – Ground Ambulance
• Patient Care Report – ALS, BLS, CCT, & Air Ambulance
• Patient Care Report Continuation Form
• Patient Care Report QA Form
• Payment Authorization

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