1) What is the average set-up time for a new client?

Each client’s need vary; however in most cases, Billing 911 can start billing Commercial Insurance and Private Pay’s for a new client within two business days. Your Medicare and Medicaid contracts will vary depending on the length of time Medicare and Medicaid takes to process the updated provider enrollment information.

2) Does Billing 911 require providers to change E-PCR platforms in order to billing for ambulance services?

No, Billing 911 does not required providers to change their E-PCR platforms in order for us to do billing. You can keep your existing platform in place. Billing 911 will need a username and password to the service bridge in order to print you billable calls.

3) What are you fee’s?

Our fees are negotiable. However, Billing 911 charges a percentage based on the collected revenue.

4) What is the average turnaround time for Billing 911 to send out billable claims?

The majority of the claims received are processed and sent out within two business days. All other claims vary depending on the information needed, but typically the claims are billed the day we received the needed information.

5) If a provider needs a flight/claim prior authorized, how does the process work?

During the initial set up of your company, Billing 911 will provide your company with a
proprietary form, which has all the pertinent information needed for prior authorization of a claim. After your call intake gathers the information, Billing 911 will verify the benefits with the insurance company and start the prior authorization process. Our systematic approach ensures that every prospective transport is thoroughly examined for all insurance possibilities.

6) Can Billing 911 file a claim for our company that was already completed but billing by another billing company?

Billing 911 review the information submitted to the insurance company by the other billing company to determine where the claim is in process. Depending on what stage the claim is in, will depend on the success of the outcome.

7) We have a few older claims that we are unsuccessful at deriving revenue from. Can Billing 911 help us?

We will conduct an audit of the file, checking the likelihood of the insurance company paying the claims, based on current State and Federal laws.

8) Will Billing 911 handle the negotiations of payment for claims?

Billing 911 can negotiate your claims for payment. After, the usual and customary charges are submitted to the insurance company. Billing 911 asks for a blanket authorization up to a certain percentage of the claim from the provider. Anything beyond that amount we will contact the provider for additional authorization.

9) We are a small department/flight programs, is Billing 911 willing to work with us?

Billing 911 does not discriminate based on the size of your department/flight program. Billing 911 believes that the smaller department/flight programs have the biggest voices, therefore, we will continue to work just as have for you, as we will the rest of our clients.

10) The insurance company has deemed some transport “Not Medically Necessary”. Can we still garner revenue on this transport?

It seems that this is becoming the normal for the insurance companies to deny transport “Not Medically Necessary”. Billing 911 will make all necessary efforts to get your claim paid, within the confines of the law. A lot of companies will give up after the initial decision is rendered. Billing 911 has the knowledge and expertise to process claims through each insurance company.

11) Do you provide references?

Yes, but references are specific to each contract negotiation and will only be provided upon our discretion.

12) What insurance companies do you work with?

Billing 911 has the ability to process claims through any and all insurance companies; to include travel insurance plans.

13) How many years has Billing 911 been in business?

Billing 911 started providing revenue cycle management and coordination services in December 2000 and was incorporated in Pennsylvania in 2002.

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